Record Collector – December 2017 Nr. 474


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Record Collector – December 2017

Christmas 2017

  • Issue no: 474

  • THE ROOT SOF U.S. PROG: We detail the disparate and adventurous souls who paved the way for prog across the pond
  • THE FRANKLIN SISTERS: Carolyn and Erma get the RESPECT they deserve
  • SAVOY BROWN: We talk to Kim Simmonds about a life in the blues
  • GREBOS: Their sleeves were garish, their tunes enduring
  • PUNK XMAS: Flagging after lunch? These should do the trick
  • THE BABYS: Isn’t It Time you learnt more about this lot?
  • XMAS QUIZ: No Ed Sheerans were harmed in the making of this…
  • NEW JERSEY RAP: From Sugarhill to Artifacts, NJ’s hip-hop heritage